This is the thread for a client that goes by the username OBEY.
The brief was to make the best thread design on the forum, and a signature to go with it in the same style. After roughly three days, it was finished and the deal completed. Here's the thread design and everything that came with it.
For the background I took an image of, which by the way are all CC0 1.0 licensed for those who didn't know, and modified it. Since it was for a MiddleMan thread, my idea of it was a bit formal "man-in-a-tie" style. Simple and stylish. For that reason I wanted some kind of black marble-like background. The image of the water was perfect, and it was only a matter of changeing it so you  wouldn't notice what it really was (at least until I told you).
For the thread to also be in style with the user, I adapted the colours from the postbit and made the three clours black, gray, white and yellow.
Design & Assets
To make the thread consistent, the logos had to be re-created from scratch so I could freely play around with the colours, blendmode, shape and size.
… lastly, a few custom made decorations and assets.
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