Believe it or not, I have never really used Photoshop as a tool to draw anything. I have used it for editing, creating stuff by combining elements created in Illustrator and whatnot, but never drawn anything. Never combined my Wacom tablet and Photoshop together. That's what I wanted to test with this project.

About the project
When I sketch and re-draw, I have recently started scanning, cleaning up in Photoshop, print out and re-draw by hand. Usually with a single piece this can be repeated between three to ten times, which takes a lot of time.

The reason I haven't used Photoshop for drawing is that it never felt smooth, and when the settings were on to be smooth, it didn't feel sharp and good-looking. That's why I still won't draw any "final-product" in it, as it's just not compareable to vector. Visually and technically. However I have with the improvements done upon the brush in Photoshop CC, I thought I would give it another go.

This is what this project was all about really. That and test my new GoPro Hero 5 gear for recording like I did. GoPro is nice because of it's size and weight, along with the gear. It allow me to place it where it's not too much in the way, even in front of me on the desk while I draw there.

It may not look like it was hard, but I actually did more than what is shown in the video. I first did two attempts on paper, then I also made two–three different designs in Photohop. Those were left out, so it the video doesn't stray too far off from the main focus.

As I explained in the video description, I'm not really in to recording and video editing. I know how to do it, basics and more, but it is not my cup of tea, so the video quality from the GoPro footage may not be the best, or the video in general — but it gets the job done. Spending too much time on it is not really an option either, as I need to keep my creative mood and not tinker with the recording stuff. When I go in to a session of drawing, I go at it for hours non-stop. Too much focus on video on my part would ruin the flow and mood, unfortunately.

Anyway, the name I picked was randomly from a Discord chat, where someone asked at the perfect timing and had a good name to work with; Kyoko. It's not a paid comission, neither are many of the other works posted here. Most are self-improvement projects.
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